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Cocoa Dev Log

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

So, I thought I'd kick off with an update on our first game, Cocoa and the Time Machine. It's a platform/adventure/puzzle kinda game, the type I used to love playing on the speccy. It's being developed using the excellent MPAGD (Multi Platform Arcade Game Designer) tool from Jonathan Cauldwell.

MPAGD is a fantastic tool, that pretty much anyone can get up and running really quickly and start prototyping a game. It has lots of scripts include for basic player and enemy events, tools to design your sprites, graphics and screens - in fact everything you need to build games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. But it's not just for the Speccy, it has compilers for other platforms too.

With Cocoa and the Time Machine we've created lots of custom events for enemies and NPCs - it's been a learning exercise, with a lot of trials and many errors! Having not coded on a Speccy since probably about 1985, MPAGD has been a great hobby to have during the Coronavirus Lockdown.

Right now, we are putting Cocoa through his paces, testing and improving the game, we dropped a little preview onto Facebook earlier in the week when I began testing on a real Speccy. It was fab to see the little dude come to life on a 128K Toastrack!

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Hello, I'm Bruce and I write games for old 8bit computers using Jonathan Cauldwell's excellent Multi-Platform Arcade Games Designer (MPAGD)

I've written a few successful* games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and MSX platforms that have been (largely) well received including Twenty Four Hour Parsley People scoring a 10 out of 10 on Planeta Sinclair.

In my blog I am sharing lots of the code that I wrote for my games, in a way that you can use in your own games.   I've commented it so that you'll learn some of the techniques I use to create interesting new mechanics and help your games stand out from the pack.

MPAGD includes lots of standard scripts, they're great to get you started, but if you're new (or just rusty) when it comes to writing code, hopefully my tutorials will help you get started and  turn your imagination into awesome 8 bit games!

All my code is free to use and do with as you please, but if you find them useful please feel free to buy me a coffee ...or better still - buy or download my games :)

*successful is a very relative term in 8bit computer games

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