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Reviews of The Swarm is Coming...

40 years on, the thirteen year old me finally achieved his dream...a Crash Smash! There've been several reviews of The Swarm is Coming, here's some of the highlights...

Crash Magazine Issue #6 Oct/Nov 2021: Overall 90% - A Crash Smash award

"it’s great to see this style of top-down action shooter make a much-needed return to the Speccy.

The maze-like levels are well designed, and the demons are relentless,

giving a rewarding challenge to the player."

Planeta Sinclair: Overall 9/10

"Graphically it is well done, in the style of Gauntlet, with the rooms seen from above.

Even when the screens are well filled with enemies, you don't even notice a drop in processing speed, which is remarkable.

Thus, The Swarm is Coming... is essential for those who like the aforementioned games. It's one of the best of the year..."

"This is a huge game that both requires tactical skills and fast shooting. Also some enemies will jump onto you and the only way to defeat them is by tapping fire button rapidly. Several weapons is available and you can also place decoys that will explode when attacked by enemies. There are plenty of objectives and it takes a long time to complete the game. There are four levels of difficulty to select between when the game starts, so it should be possible to find one that fits for everybody. "

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I've written a few successful* games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and MSX platforms that have been (largely) well received including Twenty Four Hour Parsley People scoring a 10 out of 10 on Planeta Sinclair.

In my blog I am sharing lots of the code that I wrote for my games, in a way that you can use in your own games.   I've commented it so that you'll learn some of the techniques I use to create interesting new mechanics and help your games stand out from the pack.

MPAGD includes lots of standard scripts, they're great to get you started, but if you're new (or just rusty) when it comes to writing code, hopefully my tutorials will help you get started and  turn your imagination into awesome 8 bit games!

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