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For the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K

Having gathered enough fuel to return home from the middle ages in his first adventure (Cocoa and the Time Machine) Cocoa is in a quandary. 

With just enough fuel to travel 150 years in time Cocoa realises he is going to need the help of one of history's greatest inventors to help him build a better, more efficient and powerful drive for the Time Machine.

So he sets the controls for 1899, Colorado Springs, USA as he goes in search of Nikola Tesla and his Experimental Station to enlist the help of the great man.

Unfortunately, he lands in the middle of a Meteor Storm, and the even bigger issue of Tesla's base being overrun by shadowy secret agents who are hell bent on stealing Tesla's inventions for their own, nefarious purposes.

But Tesla still has one trick up his sleeve, the Tesla Device, a handheld, multi-purpose gizmo that might just help Cocoa recover the stolen inventions that they will need when building the new drive for the Time Machine.

Join Cocoa in this epic story spanning three full Episodes crammed full of new tricks, puzzles and platform adventure...not to mention...PARSLEY!


Q - Up, Deactivate Device

A - Down, Activate Device

O - Left

P - Right

Space - Jump

Supports Kempston & Sinclair Joysticks


A platform, puzzle adventure in three episodes, each introducing new items, interactive puzzles and device upgrades.

Over 75 unique, highly detailed screens. Each episode can be played separately, although you'll have more fun playing them in order.

Episode 1: The Experimental Station

Episode 2: D.U.M.B

Episode 3: All aboard

If you enjoyed Cocoa and the Time Machine we think you'll find 24 Hour Parsley People a blast. The Map is 3 times larger and a host of new mechanics and interactive elements should have you puzzling your way through for quite a while.  


24 Hour Parsley People

EP3 - 2.PNG
EP3- 3.PNG
EP3 -4.PNG


Design, Code and Graphics: B Groves

Built with: MPAGD by Jonathan Cauldwell

Custom MPAGD engine: Jonathan Cauldwell

Artwork: Ric Lumb

Music awesomeness: Mike Richmond

Music technical genius: David Saphier

Testing: J Groves, Stu Smith, Andre Leao, Quantum Sheep

Inspiration: Cocoa the Minilop Bunny

Spanish Translation: Javi Ortiz, Dario Ruellan

Portuguese Translation: Andre Leao

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