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9/10 Planeta Sinclair review

Updated: Jun 16, 2020


Cocoa and the Time Machine has been reviewed by the respected Portuguese Spectrum blog Planeta Sinclair, scoring a 9/10.

here's a few words from their reviewer Andre Leao:

"Cocoa and the Time Machine is one of the most fun games we've had the opportunity to try in recent times, it's addictive, and it won't give anyone a break until it's finished..."

"Cocoa and the Time Machine is much more than a simple platform game.It is a real adventure, where more than paying attention to time and jumping precision, which is also necessary, it is necessary to think about how to solve the puzzles that are being presented.It is advisable to pay attention to the messages that pass through in the footer, as they provide safe clues for pending tasks.Just to give an example, the message above shows that an elevator does not work.But what elevator is this?And how can we get it up and running?As a general rule, the pieces are close together, avoiding large displacements, but they are not always as immediate as in the present case."

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