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Player Missile Event - Shmupkit

The player Missile is defined in Spite Type 1. It uses a simple 16x16 sprite image, and is launched when the player presses the fire key.

As standard, the missile will only travel half the height of the screen ,but you easily edit this, or use one of the available variables for defining it, which might be a neat way of rewarding the player with a power up.

When it reaches its maximum distance, or reaches the top of the screen, or hits an enemy, it triggers an explosion, by incrementing the frame - since the torpedo explosion is contained in frames 1-4

;=======     PLAYER TORPEDOS     ============
; =======================================================
; SETTINGA	-	availabe for use in your game
; AIRBORNE	-	availabe for use in your game	
; JUMPSPEED	-	availabe for use in your game
; ========================================================

IF DIRECTION 1				; Torpedo travel up
	LET IMAGE = 1				; make sure we are on image 1
	REPEAT 6					; torpedos move quick, so do this 6 times
	SPRITEUP					; move up
	ADD 2 TO SETTINGB			; increase the distance travelled by 2
	IF SETTINGB > = 88		; when distance travelled = 88
		LET DIRECTION = 99	; run the explode routine
	IF Y <= 8				; has the torpedo reached the top?	
		LET DIRECTION = 99	; yes, so explode it
		EXIT					; exit this event (as we are in a loop)

							; ===================
IF DIRECTION = 99				; torpedo explosion requested
	ADD 1 TO FRAME			; increment the frame
	IF FRAME = 5				; when we reach the last frame
		REMOVE				; remove the torpedo
		SUBTRACT 1 FROM S		; decrement the sprite counter

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